Empire Catering Pte Ltd in Singapore, Singapore - Dishonest Bait & Switch Tactics


Beware if you are considering their tingkat service. They have 3 menus.

- Menu 1 (screenshot attached) - Published on their order form on their website

This appetising menu has only 1 purpose - to bait you to fill up the order form located just below it.

- Menu 2 - This is a printed A4 page that comes on your 1st day tingkat

This not-as-nice Menu 2 "replaces" the nice menu you were presented with at signup .. ie menu 1

- Menu 3 - This menu is not online or printable - but its what you are going to get

This is a menu fit for beggars, unfortunuately, this is also the actual food YOU WILL receive .. see image of our 3rd day tingkat - its for 2 persons so each pax's dinner is 1 x chicken wing, 1 x hard boil egg and plain boiled vege.

On our 3rd day tingkat .. we're on a 10 day trial with them .. I called up to ask why we are getting sub-standard dishes ie menu 3 that are so inferior to Menu 2 .. and I didn't even mention Menu 1. The boss was super rude, shouted at me like a lunatic, and then slammed down the phone like a 3 year old. It was quite amusing though.

Conclusion - don't even consider taking up their trial. It seems like their business model is solely focusing on signing up non-refundable trials as their main source of revenue. They bait you with a nice menu just above their signup form, then print you an inferior menu on the first day, and then further tweak the dishes on daily basis. And when you call, the boss will further treat you to his 'scream and slam phone tactic' to get you off his back.

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